VERNON, CALIF. — Highview Capital LLC announced the acquisition of WilMar, a Jobbers Meat Packing Co. business. The protein processing company will merge with Highview’s portfolio business Randall Foods, which was acquired by the private equity firm in February 2021.

Randall Foods partners with retailers to deliver prepared meals and ready-to-cook products.

Founded in 1978, WilMar is a leading processor and packager of meat products including ground beef, specialty and portion-controlled products.

“The combination of WilMar and Randall is a clear strategic fit, establishing the combined company as a one-stop-shop for customers’ protein needs,” said Steve Russell, senior portfolio manager of Highview. “The new entity will benefit from an enhanced product mix as well as increased operational capacity, which will allow the company to continue to expand and offer exceptional customer service. Both WilMar and Randall share a relentless focus on customer excellence, quality and safety. We look forward to working with the company to continue growing the business.”

After the transaction finalizes, Marty Evanson, founder and chief executive officer of WilMar, plans to retire.

“I founded WilMar as a local meat provider to fill an unmet need in the market,” Evanson said. “I’m proud of our team’s hard work and dedication as we’ve grown into one of the region’s leading protein providers and become a primary partner of choice for customers looking for great service and quality in their ground beef. Our team is extremely excited about the merger and pleased that Randall Foods has the same business ethics and focus on putting our customers and employees first.”

Other than Evanson, WilMar’s current management team will continue operating in their roles with the company, including president and chief operating officer Willie Thielen.

“With a complete product offering, shared values and a commitment to innovation, I’m confident that this combination, with Highview’s support, will propel us to reach new heights as an organization which will quickly establish itself as a major player in the meat space,” Thielen said.