LOS ANGELES — Korean alternative meat brand UNLIMEAT began sales of its plant-based jerky on Amazon. Entering the US market in June, UNLIMEAT launched a Kickstarter campaign that hit its target goal in three hours and in a month exceeded its funding goal by 1035%.

“We’d heard that it would be difficult to reach even $10,000 funding in food categories from Kickstarter, which usually showcases tech products,” said an UNLIMEAT representative. “We’re quite thrilled to have broken market expectations by receiving more than $30,000 in funding, especially because our product is plant-based, making it a smaller subdivision of the broader market. We hope that our product, which has now successfully begun sales in the USA, becomes even more popular on Amazon.”

UNLIMEAT’s plant-based jerky is made from non-GMO soy protein, wheat and vegetables. Beets and pomegranates give the jerky its coloring and citrus acts as a preservative, the company said.

The jerky comes in Korean BBQ and Smoky Chili flavors. Priced at $19.97, it is sold in 6-pack boxes, with each pack containing 2.5 oz of jerky.

In addition to the jerky product, UNLIMEAT has a line of plant-based proteins coming to the United States, including pulled pork and Beef Mandu, which are exclusively available through online retailer GTFO It’s Vegan.