AMES, IOWA — The Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University (ISU) is offering two free workshops on using software that assists in tracking breeding and feedlot information. The workshops, scheduled Aug. 12 and 18 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. at the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center in Ames, Iowa, will help producers specifically navigate the Beef Ration and Nutrition Decisions Software (BRaNDS).

Research scientist with the Iowa Beef Center, Garland Dahlke, and ISU Extension and Outreach beef specialist, Chris Clark, will lead the “Applied Ration Balancing, Tips, Techniques and Formulation using BRaNDS” sessions.

“This is an applied ruminant nutrition program dealing with details and background of correct ration formulation, using BRaNDS with cattle examples to assist in accomplishing it,” Dahlke said. “These concepts apply to sheep and goats, so the sessions aren’t limited to cattle producers.”

While attendees are encouraged to bring their personal computers so that they can learn the software on the system they will use in practice, ISU will supply computers for anyone that needs them.

“If someone hasn’t purchased the software, we can set them up on an ISU computer to show them what it can do,” Clark added. “Overall, it’s definitely a good way for those with or without BRaNDS to learn more about it and become more comfortable using it.”

Dahlke asked that attendees register through him, either at 515-294-9910 or