GOLDEN, COLO. — Boston Market announced the introduction of Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets, which will be available in two flavors, original or spicy.

“The Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets will set the new standard for nuggets,” said Jay Pandya, president and chief rotisserie expert for Boston Market. “They are bigger than our competitors, healthier than fried alternatives, and packed with flavor — there is no other true rotisserie option on the market.”

The Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets are all white meat, marinated with Boston Market’s rotisserie chicken seasoning or spicy seasoning. The nuggets are prepared using Boston Market’s proprietary basket cooking method in a rotisserie oven, where each bite-sized piece is rotated.

“Our chefs worked hard to perfect a new type of nugget for consumers that is fresher and healthier, without the heavy breading or grease,” Pandya added. “These nuggets are our first hand-held option meal, so there’s no need for a knife and fork and guests can enjoy our signature rotisserie chicken on the go.”

Served in a hand-held cup, the Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets are offered in varying meal combinations, including:

  • A small combo meal, including eight rotisserie chicken nuggets, one regular side, a fountain drink and a Boston Market dipping sauce, starting at $8.29
  • A large combo meal, including 12 rotisserie chicken nuggets, one regular side, one fountain drink, and two Boston Market dipping sauces, starting at $10.39
  • A la carte in Small (five nuggets and one dipping sauce, starting at $3.30), Medium (eight nuggets and one dipping sauce, starting at $5.20) or Large (12 nuggets and two dipping sauces, starting at $7.65)
  • A Kid's Meal, including five nuggets, one small side, one dipping sauce, one kid's drink, and one cornbread, starting at $5.49
  • A catering platter, including 80 nuggets and 10 dipping sauces, starting at $59.99

The nuggets will be available at all 315 Boston Market restaurants nationwide.