READING, PA. – Quaker Maid Meats (QMM) recently announced that Stanley J. Szortyka, the company’s founder, passed away on July 1.

During his career, Szortyka grew Quaker Maid Meats into one of the largest frozen retail sandwich steak producers in the United States including the Steak-umm brand.

“Stanley was a tough but compassionate man who never wanted to ‘make money off the sweat of another man’s back,’” the company said. “This mantra was instilled in his children, who are still fully involved in the operation of QMM along with an exceptional management team.”

Szortyka was born in the coal mining town of Pringle, Penn., in 1927 to Polish immigrants. He returned to Pringle after serving in World War II and worked at French Steak Co., where he started in the meat business.

During 1960, Szortyka founded the business and was responsible for leading production, sales and company growth. 

Szortyka grew QMM into a leading frozen sandwich steak producer with three plants.