OMAHA, NEB. — Greater Omaha Express LLC, a subsidiary of Greater Omaha Packing Co., announced that the acquisition of Omaha, Neb.-based meat distributor Universe Trucking Co. is set to be finalized July 15.

Since its establishment in 2006, Greater Omaha Express has grown to 100 tractors and 200 refrigerated trailers. Through this acquisition, the company expects to increase its fleet size by 20%.

“Universe Trucking Co. was a great opportunity because, like Greater Omaha Express, their values of integrity and excellence are clearly demonstrated in their quality of service,” said Henry Davis, chief executive officer of Greater Omaha Packing. “As we look to provide the highest quality beef, take care of our employees and support our customers, we are excited for the future.”

Greater Omaha Express said it holds one of the best compliance, safety and accountability (CSA) scores in the business and operates with vehicles mostly under two years old.

Universe Trucking Co. will bring Greater Omaha Express long-tenured employees with low turnover rates and a strong safety rating.

“At Greater Omaha Express, we strive to provide the highest quality of customer service through honesty and integrity," said Brenton Falgione, Greater Omaha Express president. “We consider our drivers to be like family, and we strive to maintain strong relationships with our clients and drivers. As we acquire Universe Trucking Co., we look forward to continuing that legacy.”