MILFORD, CONN. — Subway, the quick-service restaurant company operating more than 21,000 locations in the United States, shared that it will have a significant menu makeover starting on July 5.

The large sandwich chain announced a new lineup of 12 featured sandwiches called the Subway Series.

The new menu will be divided into four categories: cheesesteaks, Italianos, chicken and clubs. This also includes renaming some signature sandwiches like Meatball Marinara into The Boss.

“The Subway Series is the most ambitious undertaking in company history, as we are changing the nearly 60-year-old blueprint that helped make Subway a global phenomenon,” said Trevor Haynes, president of North America at Subway. “Last summer’s Eat Fresh Refresh laid the foundation to build a better Subway, and now the Subway Series enhances the entire Subway guest experience — proof that we continue to improve and get way better. Whether you leave the sandwich-making to us or are craving your custom creation, there are more reasons than ever to make Subway your dining destination.”

Subway added that people can order from the new sandwich menu by names or by the assigned numbers they will see at restaurants. Each sandwich can be made with bread, wrap or topped with lettuce. Customized orders will also still be available.

“Complementary flavors and an expertly crafted balance of proteins, cheese, sauces and fresh vegetables are designed to maximize taste and crave,” Subway said.

During July 2021, Subway launched its “Eat Fresh Refresh” menu changes which included 20-plus menu updates, 11 new and improved ingredients, six new or returning sandwiches and four revamped signature sandwiches. 

Subway also said it would be giving away up to 1 million free sandwiches on July 12 to celebrate the launch of its new menu.