PITTSBURGH – Nutritional supplement company GNC announced that its meat delivery partner RealEats will be available in all US markets.

The collaboration with RealEats started in July 2021 as part of GNC Ventures in pilot markets including Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Florida, and later Texas and New York.

“Helping consumers live well is a holistic mission and our partnership with RealEats has enabled us to offer complete nutrition and wellness solutions,” said Nate Frazier chief operating officer of GNC. “Since launching RealEats, consumers have continued to gravitate toward convenient health and wellness solutions that fit their lifestyle. And now with our growing partnership, more people will have access to easy, healthy, personalized meals to help achieve their goals at home or on the road.”

GNC said it would offer exclusive meal bundles with more than 60 assortments including selections for dietary preferences or lower calorie offerings.

“From the beginning, our vision for RealEats was to offer personalized meals that allow consumers to make healthy choices,” said Dan Wise, founder and chief executive officer of RealEats. “Our meals are simple and convenient and include nutritious breakfasts, dinners, proteins, and sides that are delivered directly and cooked quickly. Partnering with GNC has created an important opportunity to connect with more consumers.”