ROBBINSVILLE, NJ. – The US Department of Labor concluded an investigation into a fatal fall of a contractor at frozen food manufacturer CJ TMI Manufacturing America LLC.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stated that the company committed 36 violations and would be required to pay as much as $368,513 in possible penalties.

The contractor suffered fatal injuries in December 2021 after falling 11 feet while using a scissor lift to replace a freezer drain. OSHA noted that it found a damaged and inoperable snap hook on the lift’s safety chain and that the company did not inspect the lift before work began.

“CJ TMI Manufacturing America LLC could have prevented this tragedy had it followed proper safety precautions,” said OSHA Area Director Paula Dixon-Roderick in Marlton, New Jersey. “The company must address and correct a substantial number of hazardous conditions identified during our inspection so that nobody else has to risk their life.”

Citations issued to the company by OSHA identified the following risks:  

  • Amputations and lacerations from unguarded or inadequately guarded machinery.
  • Explosion hazards from accumulations of combustible flour dust on equipment, floors and surfaces throughout the plant.
  • Confined space hazards when entering a wastewater pit to service a water meter.
  • Hexavalent chromium hazards during welding operations.
  • Chemical burns from caustic chemicals due to inaccessible decontamination showers and eyewash stations.
  • Being struck by forklifts operated by untrained employees.
  • Numerous electric shock hazards.


CJ TMI manufactures frozen dumpling, wontons and noodles for the Twin Marquis and Chef One brands.