Video Demonstration: Click here to watch a video of the 8600S system in action.

Cryovac 8600s

Developed according to American Meat Institute (AMI) and National Sanitation Federation guidelines, the Cryovac® 8600S rotary chamber vacuum machine tackles sanitation concerns of processors in the ready-to-eat market. It is the only system of its kind designed to meet each of the 10 AMI strict sanitary guidelines, including day-to-day cleaning and inspection.

New 8600S series machines are advanced models that combine proven principles and innovative ideas to automatically vacuum package food products in Cryovac® bags. Extensive use of stainless steel components and fasteners virtually eliminate corrosion, and greatly simplify sanitation and cleaning efforts.

PLC controls provide advanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. A fully automatic central lubrication system ensures that all critical wear components are properly lubricated at all times. These machines include:

- One set of product supports

- Dual seal wires

- Machine-mounted soft discharge system

- Standard 4 ft. discharge conveyor

- Standard spare parts kit