GREEN BAY, WIS. — The roof caught on fire at the JBS USA beef processing facility in Green Bay, Wis., on June 7.

The Green Bay metro fire department responded quickly and found a fire on the roof and smoke inside the rendering area of the plant. The fire was brought under control in less than 15 minutes, according to a post on the Facebook page of the fire department.

“Crews fought the fire on the roof and near an auger that was thought to be the fire’s origination,” the department said in the post. “Staff on scene had evacuated all personnel prior to the Fire Department’s arrival. The building was turned back over to plant personnel by 8 p.m.”

JBS issued a statement and update on the situation and how it impacted the rendering portion of the facility. 

“All team members were evacuated from the area, and there were no injuries. We are grateful to the first responders who were able to quickly contain and put out the fire,” said Nikki Richardson, spokesperson for JBS. “Though we are still investigating the cause of the incident and the damage, the plant is open and operational today (June 8).”