OMAHA, NEB. – ConAgra Foods Inc. announced on April 5 five aggressive sustainability goals to be achieved by 2015, which build on the company’s sustainability accomplishments that began in a company-wide fashion in 1992 with the ConAgra Foods Sustainable Development Awards program. This marks the first time ConAgra Foods has set company-wide sustainability goals.

ConAgra Foods’ Sustainability Goals for 2015 include:

• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% per lb. of product produced as compared to 2008 emissions.

• Reduce water use by 15% per lb. of product produced as compared to 2008 water use.

• Divert solid waste from landfills by at least 75% as compared to 2011 levels.

• As compared to 2008, the company will reduce packaging by 10% per lb. of product produced, increase the amount of packaging made of renewable resources from 45% to more than 50%, and increase the use of recycled content in packaging overall by 25%.

• Encourage continuous improvement of the supply chain in the areas of energy, water, materials and waste. Work with growers to further enhance sustainable farming practices that optimize yield while improving land stewardship.

“Because our food is part of the lives of millions of consumers each day, ConAgra Foods has a critical responsibility to create positive environmental change,” said Gary Rodkin, ConAgra Foods chief executive officer. “We can do that by making our food — such as Healthy Choice meals, Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn and Hunt’s tomatoes — in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. We’ve set these new transparent sustainability goals to ensure we are a leader in continuously improving the way we make food and to continue to create more awareness for what others can do to improve as well.”

ConAgra Foods has measured distinct sustainability projects since 2007 that have reduced carbon emissions by more than 25,000 metric tonnes, eliminated 4,000 tons of landfill waste and 7,000 tons of packaging materials and conserved 348 million gallons of water, the company said. The company has been recognized for several recent achievements including being the first company in North America to use post-consumer recycled plastic in its frozen meal trays, diverting 8 million lbs. of plastic from landfills annually.

Results from ConAgra Foods’ new sustainability goals will be made public in August of each year through the ConAgra Foods Corporate Responsibility Report published at