NEW YORK — Silver Fern Farms held a launch event for USDA-approved Net Carbon Zero Beef. Held May 24 at the Kimpton Hotel Eventi rooftop in New York, the event was attended by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the visiting New Zealand trade mission, the US national media and the Silver Fern Farms board and leadership team.

“It's great to see New Zealand exporters like Silver Fern Farms bringing their own initiatives to sustainability and our regenerative future,” Ardern said at the event. “It's a wonderful example of how Aotearoa, New Zealand, prides itself on preserving its land and sea for future generations.

"Silver Fern Farms and their Net Carbon Zero Beef represents both New Zealand values but also our aspirations when it comes to climate change. Rather than this product being the exception, it will increasingly be the rule. It's great to see Silver Fern Farms leading the charge in that regard."

Silver Fern Farms shared the key to its zero-carbon methodology, which is “insetting” — determining how much of the produced carbon is being absorbed by the local environment. The company measures each farm’s ability to sequester carbon, using satellite technology and artificial intelligence software.

“Taking care of our emissions is our own responsibility, no-one else's," said Simon Limmer, Silver Fern Farms chief executive officer. "We are not outsourcing our emissions, rather we are recognizing and incentivizing our farmers for their efforts to create farm environments that are better able to capture carbon, increase biodiversity and support nature-positive food production."

He added, “In New Zealand we have a deep connection to nature and caring for the environment is part of who we are. With our Net Carbon Zero range we want to show we can produce great tasting, nutrient dense red meat in way that is better for the planet. This is truly beef made better.”

The 100% grass-fed product is currently available in the New York Tri-state area, the Midwest and California.