HINESBURG, VT — The 2022 Sweets & Snacks Expo, held May 23-26, will feature samples of Vermont Smoke & Cure’s Pepperoni Turkey Mini-Sticks. The company’s booth will offer samplings of the three other mini flavors and five 1-oz varieties.

Vermont Smoke & Cure announced the Pepperoni Turkey Mini-Sticks remain a summer favorite for its consumers.

The Mini-Sticks are available online and in retail stores nationwide. They are offered in a 5 oz go-pack intended for the convenience of busy families and individuals, the company said.

Pepperoni Turkey Mini-Sticks feature paprika, fennel, garlic and meat raised without antibiotics or added hormones. They are also free of sodium nitrate, preservatives and major allergens, including gluten, nuts and dairy.

Michael Schafer, commercial business lead for the company, claimed every Vermont Smoke & Cure product “tastes right because it's hand crafted from the finest cuts of meat.”

The company prepares all its meat sticks at its smokehouse in Hinesburg, VT, where it handcrafts the products and then smokes them for at least 18 hours over natural hickory or maple hardwood chips.

Vermont Smoke & Cure offers a total of eight flavors made from beef, pork and turkey.