CALABASAS HILLS, CALIF. – As part of its 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, The Cheesecake Factory Inc. announced it will transition 75% of its pork supply to gestation crate-free production by the end of 2022. The foodservice chain is requiring in its contract terms with pork producers to comply with California’s Proposition 12 standards, which prohibits the use of gestation housing during the 16-week pregnancy cycle of sows and requires breeding sows to have access to at least 24 square feet of floor space per animal. The company said in 2021 only 29% of its pork supply was housed in gestation crates for less than 28 days.    

“The welfare of all animals throughout our supply chain is critically important to us,” said Megan Bloomer, vice president of sustainability for The Cheesecake Factory. “We are on the path to eliminating gestation crates and thanks to our valued pork suppliers we are able to further improve the welfare of sows in our supply chain by aligning with these standards. We are working to reach 100% compliance for gestation crate-free.”

The move was supported by officials with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

“By making such tremendous progress toward fully eliminating gestation crates, The Cheesecake Factory is once again showing its commitment to animal welfare,” said Josh Balk, vice president of farm animal protection with the HSUS.