CALABASAS HILLS, CALIF. — The Cheesecake Factory is introducing new menu selections including Glamburgers, as well as the opportunity to create the next Glamburger to be featured on its menu in “The Great Glamburger Challenge.”

The new burgers include: the Green Chile Cheeseburger; Monterey Cheeseburger; Smokehouse B.B.Q. Burger; Sonoma Burger; Blue Cheese BLT Burger; and Memphis Burger. The menu price is $10.95.

“We use the finest U.S.D.A. Kobe or Premium Certified Angus Beef for all of our Glamburgers,” a Cheesecake Factory spokesman said.

The Cheesecake Factory is also soliciting consumers’ suggestions for its next Glamburger to be featured on the menu via its Web site.

“You can get a hamburger almost anywhere, but you can only get a Glamburger at The Cheesecake Factory,” says the company’s founder, David Overton. “We wanted to transcend the burger category, and the word ‘hamburger’ just didn’t seem to do them justice. With such ‘glamorous’ toppings there really wasn’t a better name to describe them than Glamburgers. And now, we’re inviting our guests to help us create another distinctive addition to our exciting Glamburger menu.”