FRESNO, CALIF. – Former employees of Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. recently filed a class-action complaint, which recently moved from the Superior Court of California to the Eastern District of California.

The original filing by plaintiffs, Richard Marin and Samantha Lopez, alleged that workers at Cargill’s beef processing plant in Fresno, Calif., were not paid certain overtime wages. 

Other complaints in the document included failure to provide meal breaks and rest periods and failure to provide accurate wage statements.

In the complaint, plaintiffs also stated that workers often worked over eight hours a day and 40 hours in a week.

“At certain pay periods, the hourly rate reflected as being lower than their actual rates and that overtime was even slightly lower than 1.5 times the base rate,” the lawsuit argues.  

Additional information alleged in the lawsuit said that Cargill did not pay sick pay at the regular rate. 

According to the lawsuit, Cargill allegedly did not pay workers for COVID-19 leave at the Fresno plant. Both plaintiffs left the company in 2021. 

Cargill did not comment on the complaint.