SPRINGDALE, ARK. – In an effort to remove obstacles that stand in the way of many potential employees, Tyson Foods Inc. is expanding a carpooling program in partnership with Commute with Enterprise to facilitate low-cost transportation to and from work for Tyson employees. The program, which Tyson initiated in 2021 and now includes 26 of its facilities, serves more than 1,000 workers, eliminating about 4 million commuter miles.

After determining how many employees are interested in sharing a ride, Enterprise works with individual plants to identify needs of workers based on where they live and what shifts they work. The company develops a vanpooling route and plan that includes providing each group with a rented vehicle and participants share the cost of rental, maintenance, insurance and gas, as well as the responsibility of driving. Tyson said the average cost to participate per employee is in the range of $15 and $25 per week.   

“We’re always looking for ways to create a better experience for our team members as many live and work in rural America and face long commute times,” said Hector Gonzalez, head of labor and team member relations for Tyson Foods. “This program gives them a reliable way to work while also helping them save money. It also helps offset the impact of higher fuel prices.”

Additionally, to address transportation barriers facing some workers at its Eagle Mountain, Utah, plant, Tyson has implemented a car purchasing program that provides three, $500 payments to dealerships toward the price of a vehicle to help employees access reliable transportation. This program is available to hourly workers as well as management support and temporary workers.

To address other common barriers to employment at Tyson, the company recently announced a pilot program to provide workers with subsidized, on-site childcare, as well as providing access to health care services located near its facilities.