NEW YORK – Bion Environmental Technologies announced on May 1 that Bill O’Neill would take over as chief executive officer.

The company shifted outgoing CEO Dominic Bassani to chief operating officer and will help O’Neill with the development of Bion’s sustainable beef processes. 

“Bion’s technology has extraordinary potential to help the meat industry meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable products,” O’Neill said. “The platform not only provides the Climate-Smart and clean water solutions consumers want, it does so while creating a more profitable business model. We are excited to bring this unique technology and opportunity to market, as well as contribute to positive changes in beef production and the environment.”

O’Neil has worked in the meat industry for 30 years in new products and retail distribution. He’s previously worked at Smithfield Foods, Koch Industries, Advance Brands, and Teys USA, to develop value-added premium products, including case-ready fresh meat, guaranteed tender beef, fully cooked meat and grass-fed beef among other products. 

O’Neill also partnered with leading retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Albertsons-Safeway, Ahold-Delhaize, HEB and Wegmans on products.

During 2020, O’Neill co-founded Wise Up Food, a digital technology that connects consumers to information regarding fresh food products. With the hiring of O’Neill, Bion and Wise Up formed a strategic alliance to develop the blockchain technology to show the consumer the verified sustainable impact made by Bion’s technology.

“Bill O’Neill is a seasoned and recognized leader in the world of value-added specialty meat products, with a career’s worth of industry knowledge, experience and relationships up and down the supply chain,” Bassani said. “That extensive experience, combined with his commitment to technology and a more sustainable supply chain, and a passion for the industry and its consumers, make Bill the perfect person to lead Bion through this next phase, while we commercialize our technology and the sustainable beef opportunity it creates.”