CALGARY – Canada Beef announced that it would use $3.6 million to promote Canadian beef and veal exports globally and enhance awareness of the beef and cattle supply chain.

The funds come from the AgriMarketing Program, part of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP).   

The group said the CAP contribution will run for two years and is non-refundable. It plans to fund the development and deployment of global resources and activities to support market development programs. The Canadian Beef Global Market Development and Promotion project identified 19 new and existing export markets.  

Canada Beef President Michael Young said the ability to partner with the Canadian government to deliver important programs is crucial to Canada’s beef industry, especially at a time when the pandemic and world events contribute to a challenging marketplace.

“Government-industry development funding that Canada’s cattle producers are able to leverage with their own producer check-off investment is important to position the industry for growth and success in international markets,” Young said. 

The group said that Canada exports 45% of its beef and cattle production to international markets each year. International trade adds more than $600 per head of additional value, which helps the beef industry be a significant source of economic growth.

“Canadian cattle producers deliver high-quality, internationally recognized products,” said Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.  “Building on this reputation, our government’s investment will help the industry capture opportunities for growth and ensure that Canada’s beef sector remains a driver of our economy.” 

CAP also pointed out that the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) continues to play a key role in communicating the Canadian Beef Advantage through CBCE Studio productions and significant enhancements to the CBCE e-learn digital platform for meat professionals. 

According to Canada Beef, exports of Canadian beef (January to December 2021) were up 20% in volume and up 37% in value from last year.