BOONTON, NJ – Fossil Farms recently completed an analysis of its carbon footprint and environmental impact and will take immediate measures to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. Phase 1 of the initiative was the investment into carbon offset markets allowing the company to achieve carbon neutrality. Phase 2 is the immediate change of shipping materials to 100% curbside recyclable products. For Phase 3, Fossil Farms will construct a solar farm at its corporate headquarters in Boonton, NJ, to produce 100% of the company’s electricity needs. In the coming years, further measures will be taken to pursue industry-leading, net-zero goal setting and sustainable business practices.

Fossil Farms distributes products nationally to wholesale accounts, ships product nationally by its e-commerce business and maintains a company retail store at the Boonton, NJ, headquarters, which has recently launched a full-service catering company and food truck.

"We're just getting started at 25 years in business," said Ben Del Coro, vice president of sales and marketing.

Consumer demand for high-quality and transparency in sourcing drives Fossil Farms’ growth and commitment to establishing equitable partnerships, managing sustainable supply chains and ethical business practices.