LINCOLN, NEB. – Purveyor of Italian-heritage Piedmontese beef, Certified Piedmontese announced the launch of the Certified Piedmontese store on Amazon. The store will feature all snack items from the company’s Grass Fed Grass Finished beef snacks product line. Consumers are now able to purchase the all-natural jerky snacks on Amazon and have it shipped to their door with Amazon Prime shipping.

Certified Piedmontese has seen an increased demand for grass-fed beef snack products from jerky lovers over the past year. Different than the company’s steaks offered on Amazon, it was March of this year that the company made the switch to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). FBA falls more in line with shelf-stable snack items and reimagines customer experience to better serve consumers across the nation.

Three packages of Certified Piedmontese biltong meat snacks“The structured processes built by Amazon realizes a selling efficiency that is out of reach with our current retail e-commerce site and brick-and-mortar store,” said Joe Finegan, customer service manager of Certified Piedmontese. “With the Grass Fed Grass Finished beef snacks line becoming increasingly popular, we gladly take this next step for an Amazon launch to make healthy gourmet snacks accessible to millions of households, while continuing to increase exposure to our brand.”

The Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed Grass Finished beef snacks are verified all-natural Nebraska beef and a certified product of the United States. Made from heritage Piedmontese cattle that are 100% ranch-to-fork traceable, they are verified by Where Food Comes from Inc. and never contain hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.

The company is committed to positively impacting human health and the environment. Certified Piedmontese beef cattle are raised with environmental sustainability, humane animal handling and responsible resource management at every production step.

Three packages of Certified Piedmontese beef jerky“It’s a rare sight in the market to find a jerky product that is traceable to exactly where and how the animal is raised,” Finegan said. “We are presenting consumers with a new alternate option.”

Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed Grass Finished beef snacks are enhanced by minimal seasonings to offer low fat, high protein, on-the-go snacking that prolongs satiety. The variety and flavors available on Amazon are:

  • All-Natural Beef Snack Sticks (12pcs): Original, Jalapeno, Mixed Variety
  • All-Natural Jerky (3pks): Teriyaki, Hickory, Bold & Spicy, Mixed Variety
  • All-Natural Biltong (3pks): Original, Garlic & Herb, Spicy, Mixed Variety

The snack stick, jerky, and biltong are sold in bundle packs of the same flavor and in mixed variety packs. Snack bundles are all marked at the retail price of $22.99. More information on Certified Piedmontese’s beef products is available at: