LISBON, PORTUGAL – Tyson Foods Inc., Springdale, Ark., recently announced plans to open a new information technology hub in Lisbon, Portugal, which will create 200 jobs.

The global meat and poultry company said it chose Lisbon because it has a vibrant international technology scene and support structures as Tyson anticipated growth in the European market.

“This is a critical next step for our expansion within our international practice to leverage quality talent to help deliver the latest ideas for human and food safety,” said Dan Barrett, vice president of IT Europe at Tyson Foods. “This will really help drive our global service efforts forward.”

Tyson added that the new facility will use the “follow the sun” model – positioning talent to work in tandem with other IT teams across the globe.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome this operation into the country and to once more witness how the highly skilled, multilingual talent pool we have has been a key decisive factor for this positive outcome,” said Luís Castro Henriques, chairman and chief executive officer of AICEP – Portugal’s Trade & Investment Agency. “The focus on innovation and technology development that Tyson Foods will further bring to the local ecosystem - and which we share in our DNA - will help boost Portugal’s positioning as a leading European Tech Hub.”

Tyson said more than 30 technology positions are available on its careers website for a variety jobs in the fields of SAP/S4Hana, data sciences and full-stack software engineering.