MARSHALL, MINN. — The name of Schwan’s Home Delivery is changing to Yelloh.

“Bold, courageous change is in our company’s DNA, and evolving from Schwan’s Home Delivery to Yelloh is another exciting step in our journey,” said Joe Kirby, president and chief executive officer of Yelloh. “In addition to evoking our iconic yellow delivery vehicles, Yelloh is a greeting commonly used in place of ‘hello’ between people who are familiar with one another, and it felt right as we continue to evolve our company to meet the needs of our customers. Embracing personal connections that form between our people and the communities we serve has set us apart for seven decades and is our biggest advantage in the highly competitive food delivery marketplace.”

The transition to Yelloh began March 18 and should be fully implemented at the beginning of 2023. Operations will not be interrupted while the transition to Yelloh is applied to food packaging, delivery vehicles, uniforms, signs, print materials, digital and social media properties. Based in Minnesota and in operation since 1952, the direct-to-consumer frozen food delivery company has almost 4,000 employees and over 300 local neighborhood centers.