REHOVOT, ISRAEL – Peace of Meat BV, a subsidiary of cultured meat manufacturer MeaTech, entered an agreement to build a 21,530-square-foot pilot plant that the company expects will expand and accelerate MeaTech’s R&D capabilities in the cultured poultry meat space. MeaTech Europe announced plans to establish and operate a pilot plant to begin scaled-up cultured chicken fat production in 2021.

“Peace of Meat’s new pilot facility will expediate our entry into the market for plant-based meat alternatives and cultured products,” said Arik Kaufman, chief executive officer of MeaTech. “We believe that cultured animal fat can infuse alternative meat products with the signature flavors, aromas and textures of conventionally farmed meat. The result is expected to deliver an enhanced consumer experience.”

Construction of the facility will begin some time this year with completion slated for 2023, according to MeaTech. Peace of Meat developed a proprietary, stem-cell-based technology to produce animal fats, such as those from cattle, chicken or geese without slaughtering any animals. The company recently cultivated roughly 700 grams of pure chicken fat biomass in a single production run.

MeaTech’s mission is to provide an alternative to industrial animal production. The company said that adopting a modular factory design will enable MeaTech to offer a sustainable solution for producing a variety of beef, chicken and pork products, both as raw materials and whole cuts. The company also plans to provide meat manufacturers and retail businesses with production equipment. MeaTech maintains facilities in Rehovot, Israel, and Antwerp, Belgium, and is in the process of expanding activities to California, the company said.