SAN FRANCISCO – Holy Grail Steak Co., online purveyor of genuine Kobe Beef and other rare, exclusive high-end steaks, has introduced its first nose-to-tail program featuring Hitachi-Gyu A5 Wagyu. Hitachi-Gyu beef is known for its significant marbling and soft mouth texture and is sought by Michelin Star steakhouses, restaurants and food aficionados alike.

The Ibaraki prefecture, located in the Greater Tokyo area, provides soil and a climate ideal to raising cattle. Hitachi-Gyu is raised with sustainable practices for 30 months, contributing to its exceptional flavor.

“Hitachi-Gyu A5 Wagyu is a highly-sought after delicacy. We are thrilled to offer a variety of cuts beyond the popular ribeye, filet, and strip,” said Michael Coggins, co-founder of Holy Grail Steak Co. “Not only does nose-to-tail eating provide an opportunity for our customers to try something out of the ordinary, but it is a far more sustainable approach to food preparation. Every part of the animal is used, and nothing goes to waste.”

Holy Grail Steak Co.’s website offers a guide to Hitachi-Gyu that includes tasting notes and serving suggestions. Consumers can barbecue the meat, use it in a stew or for traditional Japanese dishes like sukiyaki, shabushabu, and gyudon, depending on the cut.

Hitachi-Gyu A5 Wagyu from Holy Grail Steak Co. starts at $99 per steak. The collection can be viewed at For private reserve cuts, please email the Holy Grail team directly at