LONE JACK, MO. – A report from Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) stated it recently conducted an emergency investigation of wastewater contamination by Republic Foods’ meat processing facility.

The state agency responded to concerns it received on Dec. 28-29, 2021, that a small creek near the plant was black and had a foul odor. 

“When I arrived at the residence, I observed a septic odor and as we approached the creek the smell became stronger,” a Missouri DNR inspector wrote in the report obtained by MEAT+POULTRY. “I observed that the creek was dark brown in color, almost black and the smell was strong.”

In its findings in February, the Missouri DNR cited Republic Foods with six violations including contaminating waterways, failure to posts signs and provide an emergency spillway and failure to keep records for visual inspections at the plant.

“The facility has been referred to the department’s Water Protection Control Branch, Compliance and Enforcement Section for violations of the Missouri Clean Water Law,” the report said. “Additional information regarding an ongoing enforcement case will be available once the matter has been resolved. Any final administrative order will be uploaded to the DNR internet page.” 

Republic Foods did not reply to a request for comment at time of publication.

The company operates on the same land where Valley Oaks Steak Co. resided until it closed business in 2019.