DES MOINES, IOWA – Smart Locker, an Iowa-based ag-tech company, recently released its new tool to help small and mid-sized meat processors.

The platform, co-founded by Alex Freeman, allows meat processors to send customized online cutting instruction forms along with securely storing data and digital records. Users of Smart Locker can manage slaughter availability, book appointments and send reminders to help with workflow during busy times in processing operations. The company said the platform can help meat processors automate and organize tasks and scheduling.

The platform also features customer tracking that can follow up with repeat customers to meat processors along with mobile notifications for cut sheets. 

“There is no simple, powerful tool like this exclusively for the meat processing community,” Freeman said. “We are so excited to finally give meat processors the modern solution they deserve.” 

Before working on this venture, Freeman was employed as an Iowa Department of Agriculture policy advisor. He now works with meat processors to secure grants and financial assistance.