KANSAS CITY, MO. -Ambassador Meats found a new place to showcase its Minnesota roots.

The sausage and hot dog brand, which falls under the Land O’ Frost Inc. umbrella, recently became one of the main sponsors of the US Pond Hockey Championships held in late January in Minneapolis, Minn.

For this MEAT+POULTRY podcast, Clint Yonkers, associate brand manager, discusses why the company chose this event to promote Ambassador.

Yonkers explained Ambassador Meats’ product line as well as the basic information on distribution in the Upper Midwest.

Clint Yonkers headshot.jpgCint Yonkers, associate brand manager at Land O'Frost


The Lansing, III. facility where Ambassador products are processed is a 150,000-square-foot plant that employs 285 people. The facility produces about 140,000 lbs per month.

Yonkers also chronicled his career, from working in R&D and product formulation and most recently moving to brand management.

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