RANDERS, DENMARK – Tulip Food Company, under the umbrella of Danish Crown, has acquired Dinklage, Germany-based Nietfeld. As a result, Tulip, a leading producer of bacon, sliced cooked meats, sausages, soups, ready meals and canned meat products, now has 10 factories – six in Denmark, three in Germany and one in Sweden. Nietfeld processes a range of fried-meat products, sliced cooked meats and convenience-food products.

Tulip has an annual turnover of approx. 700 mEUR (US$953 million) worldwide and 2,000 employees. Nietfeld employs 238 employees and in 2008 had turnover of 58 mEUR (US$79 million.). Thanks to this acquisition, Tulip’s turnover in Germany is expected to increase significantly. Flemming Enevoldsen, chief executive officer of Tulip Food Company, expressed great expectations for the future.

“There is a perfect match between the two companies,” Mr. Enevoldsen said. “Both companies have a reputation for high-quality food products and a strong commitment to excellent customer service. And the product ranges of Tulip and of Nietfeld support each other very well.”

Mr. Enevoldsen had been looking to expand in Germany for some time, he added. “Together, we can now offer a wide range of products to both the retail sector and the foodservice sector,” he continued. “And through Tulip’s European sales organization, we feel confident we can increase the export share of Nietfeld and thereby continue the successful track record for the company.”

Gottfried Nietfeld, one of the two former owners of Nietfeld, will continue with the company and has great expectations for the future of the company as well. “When we decided to look for new owners of our family business, it was important for us to look for a company with values which are similar to our own,” he said. “We feel a strong commitment to our customers and our employees. Our first choice was Tulip Food Company and I am pleased that this worked out.”