DENVER – Consumers’ desire to eat beef remains strong. CattleFax reports the current demand for beef is the highest it’s been in 33 years. For the new year, the Beef Checkoff has shined a light on the recipes and beef trends that gained popularity in 2021 and what to expect in 2022.   

In 2021, meatloaf and Birria tacos topped the beef trends list. During the pandemic, meatloaf spiked in popularity, according to the Checkoff.  Classic Beef Meatloaf led the list of most viewed dinner recipes on for ease of preparation ease, affordability, and number of servings. Birria Tacos recipes trended high on the internet in 2021 and gave consumers access to authentic Mexican dish made up of beef, consommé, cheese and tortillas.

Also of note for 2021, the Beef Checkoff noticed foodies’ love of scrolling through the internet to watch cooking videos. Social media provided a hot spot for beef lovers to find new and enjoyable recipes.

Less a trend and more of a lifestyle, healthy eating habits will continue this year. Beef’s variety of lean cuts should play a role in healthy eating for 2022. The Checkoff added that beef brings a bonus of immunity-boosting benefits to the table. Also for the new year, quick meals that leave you with leftovers will be popular and make things a little easier, as well as beefs versatility and ability to fit most budgets.