Food scientists in Japan have discovered how to utilize 3D bioprinting to produce Wagyu cultured beef. Using isolated stem cells from Wagyu cattle, researchers from Osaka University said the technology also facilitates the creation of customized beef, tailored to fat and taste specifications. The marbling (known as “sashi” in Japan) was achieved by manipulating bovine satellite cells and adipose stem cells. 

“By improving this technology, it will be possible to not only reproduce complex meat structures, such as the beautiful sashi of Wagyu beef, but to also make subtle adjustments to the fat and muscle components,” said Michiya Matsusaki, senior author of the research. 

To create the Wagyu meat, scientists used individual fibers containing muscle, fat, or blood vessels and were able to fabricate the meat from those cells using bioprinting. The fibers were arranged in 3D to duplicate the structure of real Wagyu meat. 


“I was surprised to hear you allege the structure of the meat and poultry industry is causing price inflation for meat and poultry products, and disappointed that you failed to acknowledge the array of market forces affecting retail prices.”

Julie Anna Potts, president and chief executive officer of the North American Meat Institute, responding to Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack’s and the Biden Administration’s recent comments on rising prices of meat products.

Jack in the Box adopts Chicken

insider-chicken-alaska-graphic.jpgJack in the Box


Jack in the Box acquired some chicken recently…Chicken, Alaska.

The quick-service restaurant entered friendly negotiations with Chicken, Alaska owners Sue and her son Max. Jack in the Box purchased the town, which is better known as the French Riviera of Alaska. With the purchase, the company plans to provide 10,000 new Cluck sandwiches, which is enough to feed all 17 Chicken, Alaska, residents for the entire year.

Jack in the Box later admitted it did not actually own the town but does plan to donate $10,000 to help the town with its pandemic recovery. The entire campaign can be seen on

Oscar Mayer gets a Lyft

insider-wienermobile-lyft.jpgOscar Mayer


Some New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta customers who called a Lyft XL were taken for a once-in-a-lifetime ride in the Wienermobile instead. During the ride, passengers enjoyed music, neon lights, free shirts, hot dog masks and Weenie Whistles.

“Oscar Mayer has a legacy of elevating enjoyment from people’s plates into pop culture – from our 27-foot long Wienermobile, to the iconic Weenie Whistle, to the famed ‘Oh I wish’ jingle,” said Megan Lang associate marketing director of Oscar Mayer. “With the world as our canvas and meat as our medium, we want to do all we can to spark unexpected smiles wherever we go.”