OAKLAND, CA. – Effective immediately, the Chicago Midwest Meat Association (C.M.M.A.) and the National Meat Association (N.M.A.) are affiliated. Under terms of the affiliation, N.M.A will provide regular member services to C.M.MA members, including N.M.A.’s regular member mailings, participation in all N.M.A. events alongside N.M.A. members and a special listing as an Affiliate Association in N.M.A.’s Membership Directory.

“The Board of CMMA voted unanimously to support this affiliation, because it will strengthen the CMMA members by providing them with information services and access to N.M.A.’s well-respected industry resources,” said Nicole Makowski, president of C.M.M.A. and president of Real Sausage in Chicago. “We are very pleased to have this opportunity to share resources and consider this will be a win-win for both organizations.”

“We welcome affiliation with established groups like the C.M.M.A.,

and expect their input to strengthen the role of N.M.A. as a major organization speaking on behalf of the meat industry,” added Barry Carpenter, N.M.A. chief executive officer. “Along with the long-time affiliation of Eastern Meat Packers Association [E.M.P.A.], N.M.A. can speak with greater knowledge and authority on behalf of the full spectrum of meat industry firms on policy issues at the national level.”

CMMA is comprised of meat packers, processors and wholesalers located in the Chicago-Midwest region. It was initially created for the purpose of union camaraderie, but currently represents a broader spectrum including education, fund raisers, social events, grievance committees and collective bargaining agreements for both UFCW and Teamsters.

For more information, visit www.chicagomidwestmeatasso.com.