BROOKLYN, NY. – With three new flavors of sausage and a packaging change, Brooklyn Cured is differentiating its products in an on-trend, competitive category.  The new products will be available for national distribution in October. The high-scoring, multi-regionally tested flavors include:

  • Black Truffle Sausage – pork sausage with real black truffles and porcini mushrooms
  • Hot Chicken Sausage - inspired by Nashville Hot Chicken - a chicken sausage with heat, tang and bold warm spices, that is pork-free
  • Italian Wedding Sausage - inspired by Italian Wedding Soup - a pork sausage blend with pecorino, carrots and spinach

“When we create new items, we want to set them apart from what’s widely available, but also get ahead of the curve with flavors that resonate with consumers,” said Scott Bridi, Brooklyn Cured founder.

The updated packaging design were inspired by craft beer and wine labels, which are bolder and more colorful than traditional CPG sausage packaging, Bridi said.

“These sausage flavors are fun and exciting, and we wanted the packaging to reflect that,” he added. “They are sure to stand out in any cooked sausage set and make a positive impact on sales.”

The new offerings will expand Brooklyn Cured’s Classic Sausage line, the first products the company released, establishing its national presence. Suggested retail price for the new products is $6.99-$7.99.