KANSAS CITY, MO. – Raider Red Meats in Lubbock, Texas, gives the students of Texas Tech University one of the most hands-on college experiences for those trying to break into the meat business.

The on-campus retail location takes students through every aspect of processing and selling retail to customers on campus and around their community.

In this podcast episode, MEAT+POULTRY talked with Tate Corliss, director of Raider Red Meats, and Kiersten Atkinson, sales manager for the business.

The two described what it’s been like running an essential business on a college campus and how the students embraced the struggles of the last 18 months.

They shared some of the popular meat products produced for the store and how some of them have been invented by Texas Tech alumni over the years. And, later described the facility that the Department of Animal & Food Sciences at Texas Tech uses to teach their students meat processing on the job.

Corliss and Atkinson also explained how Raider Red Meats has built relationships with meat companies in Texas to help students get high-quality jobs in the meat industry right out of college.

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