SPRINGDALE, ARK. – Walmart will carry the Quick ‘N Eat line of fully cooked, high-quality Angus beef patties at locations across the United States. Quick ‘N Eat, owned and operated by George’s Inc., also extended its products within the fully cooked burger category to include an all-new turkey burger.

Previously only available at regional grocery stores and wholesale club locations, the products are now available at 3,300 Walmart locations (with more than 4,500 distribution points), the company said. Quick ‘N Eat Angus beef patties come in 3-oz and 4-oz patties while the turkey burgers are sold in 3-oz turkey patties. Bacon and cheese beef patties will be on shelves next spring, George’s said.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Walmart and now being able to extend the reach of easy meal solutions that have unmatched flavor and provide an excellent source of protein,” said Megan Ernst, senior director of marketing at George’s.

“Our mouth-watering, flame-grilled patties and burgers are just as you’d expect from your favorite burger recipe — super juicy, a perfect blend of seasonings and authentic grill marks,” Ernst said.

Quick ‘N Eat products are currently sold at more than 1,000 club warehouse distribution sites, including Sam’s Club and Costco, where more than 2.5 million patties are sold annually, the company said. The products are also available at more than 300 Albertsons, Woodman’s Markets and Giant Eagle regional grocery store locations.