SIOUX CITY, IOWA – Hesse Enterprises recently announced its acquisition of Northridge, Calif.-based Ideal Meat & Provisions Inc.   

Ideal Meat LLC will be the new name of the entity, according to Hesse. It currently produces pork, beef, poultry, lamb and veal products. The company was founded in 1986 by Larry Vad. 

“We are proud to bring Ideal Meat & Provisions into the HEI Family of Companies,” Hesse said in its statement. “Larry Vad and his team have always excelled at producing the highest quality of products and delivering on customer expectations, staple ideals for all Hesse Enterprise Companies. We will build on those strengths to grow Ideal Meat to the next level.”

Alec Hannah will take over as chief executive officer of Ideal Meat and said that Vad will stay on for the next several months to ensure a smooth transition.

“At Ideal Meat & Provisions, we have always put our customers and employees first and made sure we found the right team to take us to the next level, one that embraced the same values,” Vad said. “I’m looking forward to helping Alex and the team grow “the new” Ideal Meat into the future.”

Hesse Enterprises includes a variety of companies including Blue Ox Towing Products, Automatic Equipment Roller Mills, Mad Ramps, Caicos Dream Tours, The Arena Sports Academy and The Hesse Foundation.