PLANO, TEXAS – Stryve Foods Inc. announced new distribution representing more than 4,000 additional convenience store and retail locations for the company’s Stryve, Kalahari and Vacadillos meat snack brands.

The new convenience store, restaurant and retail locations that will begin carrying Stryve snack products include:

  • 7-Eleven – Expanded distribution adding 1,000 locations (comprised of Stryve and Vacadillos)
  • Circle K – Expanded distribution adding 1,000 locations in Rocky Mountain and Grand Canyon regions (Vacadillos)
  • Independent retailers – New distribution adding 2,000 locations (comprised of Stryve and Vacadillos)
  • Hy-Vee – Expanded distribution adding 160 locations (comprised of Stryve and Vacadillos)
  • Plaid Pantry – Expanded distribution adding more than 100 additional locations (comprised of Stryve and Vacadillos)
  • Costco Business Centers – New chain-wide distribution to all business center locations (comprised of Stryve and Vacadillos)
  • Smoothie King – New distribution adding 100 franchised restaurant locations (Kalahari)

The Stryve brand also has increased SKU penetration adding a new placement at 900 Wawa locations, the company said. So far, the meat snack brand has expanded its retail footprint to nearly 30,000 stores surpassing the 25,000 retail location threshold from new business the company announced in April 2021.

“Americans love to snack, and our all-natural, air-dried meat products are in high demand from retail and restaurant partners looking to bring Stryve, Kalahari and Vacadillos to new customers,” said Jaxie Alt, co-chief executive officer and chief marketing officer. “With commitments for our biltong and carne seca products to be available in an additional 4,000 convenience store locations and even more distribution across grocery, restaurant and warehouse club channels, we are proud to be nearing the 30,000 retail location footprint milestone as we achieve distribution momentum in the marketplace with our delicious and healthy snacking products.”