CORREGIO, ITALY – Veroni's new snack line combines a selection of authentic Italian salami with provolone cheese, dried fruit and breadsticks.  

The four pairing options come in practical and easy-to-open packaging to enhance break times while offering a real Italian tasting experience. The new line recalls the Italian concept of “Merenda” (snack), which is usually made with simple but high-quality ingredients available at home and holds a special place in the Italian food tradition.  

Imported Italian mild salami paired with Provolone cheese and breadsticks is the simplest pairing variant of the brand-new line, while the hot version with salame Calabrese is designed for those who love the intense spicy flavors. The other two options with dried fruits include imported Italian salame, Provolone cheese and dried cranberries or dried apricots. 

“Satisfying the taste of everyone is always a priority when we design a new line,” said Emanuela Bigi, marketing manager of Veroni. “Today, we are still the only imported Italian brand of charcuterie in the US that, besides offering high-quality products, wishes to introduce to US consumers the Italian tradition and the key concepts that are popular in Italy, like the Aperitivo and the snack time.” 

Veroni plans to reach consumers such as workers, students, athletes, who want to enjoy a delicious but healthy snack even when time is short. The new line is also aimed at foodies looking for high-quality products at any time of day.