ST. LOUIS – Deli Star Corp. announced on July 20 that it is planning to build a new production facility within St. Louis, two miles from Deli Star’s Food Discovery Center at City Foundry STL.

Deli Star made the decision to relocate its processing plant following a Jan. 11 fire at its existing plant in Fayetteville, III., that destroyed the 75,000-square-foot space. Fayetteville is about 40 miles southeast of St. Louis.

“We are thrilled to announce our plans for Deli Star’s next chapter,” said Justin Siegel, chief executive officer at Deli Star. “After an extensive site selection process, we determined St. Louis is the ideal place for our new production facility. The city of St. Louis provides the best in the country from a supply and logistics standpoint. Additionally, by locating our plant right down the street from our new Food Discovery Center in the city’s growing innovation corridor, we can more efficiently and effectively drive innovation and supply in our business.” 

The company is working with all St. Louis-based companies to develop a 104,000-square-foot facility. A majority of the space, about 94,000 square feet, will be dedicated to production. Another 10,000 square feet is office space on the second floor that is already complete and ready to move in. The rebuild is expected to be completed in early 2022. 

“We have learned that what we have built at Deli Star, including our cutting-edge science and processes – transcend any specific space. We carry our 34-year history into a new facility with optimism,” said founder and chairman of the board Dan Siegel, PhD. “Starting from the ground up with plant design has allowed Justin and his team to assess and enhance what Deli Star already does well. We are excited to serve our customers better and more efficiently than ever.”