KANSAS CITY, MO. — The JBS cyberattack that occurred in late May and was resolved in early June garnered national attention well outside the agriculture news channels.

Following the SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, and now the recent JBS cyberattack, cybersecurity has been headlining the news around the country the last few weeks.

With cybersecurity concerns top of mind, the MEAT+POULTRY podcast invited John Hoffman, senior research fellow at the Food Protection and Defense Institute at the University of Minnesota, to discuss the topic. With a career managing supply chains with the military, Hoffman has been able to lend his expertise to the private and public sector. In the podcase, he explains how these groups must work together to build up defensive capabilities in the future.

Later, Hoffman explains how there is not one singular area of the meat and poultry industry that needs to be prepared for cyberattacks, the entire industry, from farm to fork, is vulnerable.

To learn more about the Food Protection and Defense Institute visit the website here