ST. LOUIS – Volpi Foods recently announced it would add a Jamon Serrano, a Spanish counterpart to its Traditional Prosciutto, to its cured meat lineup.

The ham is cured and aged for a minimum of 12 months and is available in pre-sliced 3-oz packages at select retailers around the country.

“Prior to the pandemic Jamon Serrano was on the rise in the United States, and we’ve seen demand continue to increase,” said Deanna Depke, marketing manager at Volpi Foods. “After the past year of cooking at home, consumers are looking to satiate their desire for travel through new foods and flavors. Jamon Serrano allows for that exploration and encourages shoppers to elevate their everyday and special occasion recipes.” 

The Jamon Serrano is distributed in paper-based packaging that Volpi said uses 70% less plastic than standard deli packs. 

Volpi is a fourth-generation Italian family-owned producer that started in 1902. Read more about Volpi’s operation in this company feature.