WHEATON, ILL. – With 11 years of growing and learning behind him, Chris Salm, founder of Gilbert’s Craft Sausages, is sticking with the technology and process that have worked while continuing to push product innovations, including the recent debut of two new flavor profiles. The most recent addition to the company’s portfolio of eight other chicken-based sausage offerings for the retail segment is its Ancho Queso variety and the Tuscan Recipe Chicken Sausage.

It’s no accident that the products were planned for a spring rollout, just in time for grilling season. With four sausage links per package, the Ancho Queso product delivers 11 g of protein per link while the Tuscan Recipe links pack 13 g of protein each.

Besides focusing on premium chicken sausages, Gilbert’s has also continued to blend fresh ingredients into all its products while vacuum packing each sausage individually in easy-to-open packaging. The Ancho Queso sausage is another example of the company’s ongoing commitment to quality and variety, featuring a mixture of ancho and poblano chilies, bell peppers, Mexican-style cheese and lime zest. The company’s success at big box retailers continued with this product, which has been available at Target stores since May at a retail price of $4.29.  

Likewise, the flavors infused in the Tuscan Recipe sausage include parmesan cheese and oregano and are designed to add an Italian flair to any dish, from pasta to pizza or to serve as an appetizer. The sun-drenched flavors of this sausage are currently available at Harris Teeter grocery stores, priced at $5.99, with more retailers to be added in the months to come.

The company was founded on quality and delivering consistent flavors in all its products, thanks to not only healthy ingredients but a cooking method Salm discovered many years ago that ensures the safest and best-tasting products.

“Our sausages are made using an industry-leading sous vide process to create a healthy offering that bring fun and fresh flavor to every meal,” Salm said. “Since we started almost 11 years ago, we’ve continued to strive for ongoing innovation, resulting in sausages unique in both flavor and quality. With this growth also comes new flavors like the Ancho Queso and Tuscan Recipe chicken sausages.”