ST. JOSEPH, MO. – Pork processor Triumph Foods has received a safety verified certification from Matrix Clinical Solutions and the Cleveland Clinic. To qualify for the certification, Triumph had to demonstrate its safety procedures and policies throughout the workplace. 

"This certification is an important step in demonstrating to employees and stakeholders that Triumph Foods has taken the necessary steps to effectively limit the impact of COVID-19 in the workplace," said Daniel Meltzer, MD, chief medical officer of Matrix Clinical Solutions. "Matrix and Triumph have been working together for many months and will continue to monitor, assess and provide on-site support to ensure continued workplace safety and business continuity."

Triumph became the third organization to receive the certification and the second meat processing company. Matrix performed an in-depth review of policies, procedures and work environment to determine that Triumph followed key safety standards and guidelines as advised by its team of clinical experts, governing state regulations and guidelines issued by reputable industry bodies. This safety verified certification assesses people, processes and structure and includes all aspects of a workplace or other environments where people gather including density, traffic flow, ventilation and physical proximity to other risks.

“We are honored to achieve this certification, which recognizes the hard work of our team members to stay safe during this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic,” said Mark Campbell, chief executive officer of Triumph. “Together, we aggressively worked to protect everyone’s health and wellness, and we were able to keep our operations running smoothly at the same time – so we are very proud of this accomplishment.”