REHOVOT, Israel — ChickP Protein, Ltd. has announced plans to add a new office in Singapore, a move the company said will better position it to meet the rapidly growing demand for plant-based products in the Asia-Pacific region. The new location will include a warehouse to help alleviate logistical bottlenecks.

“We believe in strong customer relations and partnerships in product development,” said Ron Klein, chief executive officer of ChickP. “While plant-based products pose many functional and flavor challenges, getting closer to your clients advances development, helps control the supply chain, and shortens time to market. Singapore has become the center of plant-based products and alt-protein, and ChickP is there to help its clients.”

ChickP has named Moy Teo as business development director for Asia. In her new role, Teo will lead the venture's business development and marketing activities. She has 20 years of experience in the food ingredient space within the APAC region.

“I’m excited to start this journey with ChickP in the alt-protein ingredient segment,” Teo said. “Chickpea is a well-known and highly venerated crop in Asia. The region makes up more than 85% of chickpea consumption globally, only behind India.”

Traditionally, chickpea is consumed as beans or ground into flour for infusion into a variety of foods and is known for its nutritional value and versatility.

“ChickP’s 90% chickpea isolate has unique functional and organoleptic qualities making it applicable for a full spectrum of food and beverage formulations,” Teo said.

ChickP is partnering with several food companies on specialized proteins to develop the market for plant-based innovations. It recently kicked off a new venture in the United States by sealing a joint market development agreement with Socius Ingredients, Inc. It will leverage the ingredient supplier’s protein application expertise, technical center in Chicago and connections to manufacturers of plant-based products to explore new possibilities for producing chickpea protein-based prototypes.

In addition, Itay Dana, vice president of sales and business development at ChickP, said the company has signed a contract with a distributor in South Africa, with the next step in the European market.