KANSAS CITY, MO. – Diversity, equity and inclusion is becoming a common phrase heard around the country – socially, professionally and politically. While the push to bring equity and diversity to the workplace isn’t a new concept, events over the past year have brought many social issues to the foreground and companies and corporations are taking inventory to assess where they are when it comes to diversity and equity and where they need to be.

During the mid-April virtual Meat Industry Summit, hosted by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI), the topic of diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing and processing industries was discussed. AJ Jorgenson, vice president of strategic program engagement at the Manufacturing Institute, presented ideas on how to “create diverse and inclusive workplaces” and the benefits that employees and employers can gain from creating such an environment.

In this week’s MEAT+POULTRY podcast, Jorgenson explains what diversity, equity and inclusion mean, what steps companies can take to start changing their workforces, and why making changes is important for large and small companies.

Jorgenson explained, “You want different gender representation and different perspectives. You want racial inclusion. The more diversity you have, the more innovative you can be. You’re not all thinking the same, you’re not all acting the same. You don’t all have the same experiences. Which is not only a benefit to the workforce but also a benefit, oftentimes, to your bottom line.”

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