AUSTIN, TEXAS — Vital Farms is launching Breakfast Bars, heat-and-eat, egg-based snacks in four savory flavors.

Varieties include uncured bacon and cheddar cheese with hash browns; broccoli and cheddar cheese with a pastry crust; sausage and cheddar cheese with a cheese crust; and southwest fire-roasted corn with sweet potato. The products are made with pasture-raised liquid whole eggs and cheese, humanely raised meat and vegetables, and contain no added sugar, preservatives or fillers. Each bar has 7 to 14 grams of protein and fewer than 200 calories.

Vital Farms Breakfast Bars will be available nationwide at Whole Foods Market and other retailers beginning in August. The products join the brand’s lineup of single-serve, refrigerated egg bites, which launched last year. The Austin-based company also offers pasture-raised whole eggs and butter.