SHANGHAI – Dada Group, China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, and Tyson Foods Inc., have established a strategic partnership aimed at bringing fresh meat products to more Chinese consumers. Jun Xue, sales general manager of Tyson China, and Wenqi Yang, head of brand business at JD-Daojia (JDDJ) which Dada acquired in 2016, signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai.

Tyson has become one of the largest fresh meat brands in China’s on-demand retail market and an important national strategic partner of JDDJ in the field of on-demand retail of fresh food, Dada said. As part of the partnership, omni-channel digital solutions independently developed by JDDJ will help drive digital transformation at Tyson China in terms of market trend analysis, product traceability and efficient high-quality omni-channel marketing events. Dada said the digital solutions will spark rapid growth for Tyson China in the online-to-offline channel.

“Tyson has consistently provided secured and superior fresh meat products for Chinese consumers. ‘Healthy China’ strategy is one of the key parts of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025),” said Jun Xue. “This dovetails with Tyson’s commitment to improve the nutritional diet of Chinese consumers. JDDJ is Tyson Foods’ first strategic partner of the national on-demand retail platform.

“We believe that this strategic cooperation can facilitate the digital upgrade of on-demand retail and spur the domestic consumption,” he said.

Wenqi Yang, head of Brand Business at JDDJ, noted Tyson Foods’ distinct advantages in products and supply chain as 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Tyson Foods entering into Chinese market. Over time, Tyson has established a supply chain of high-quality protein products in East, South, Central and Northeast China, becoming the top fresh meat brand with the most extensive market coverage.

“The strategic cooperation will bring diversity to JDDJ's ecosystem with high-quality resources. As a leading local on-demand retail platform in China, JDDJ will leverage its resources and service experience to work together with Tyson Foods,” Wenqi Yang said. “Together, we will create a data-driven business model for on-demand retail to help Tyson China achieve high growth by launching omni-channel marketing and promoting targeted user operations.”