WASHINGTON – Following the White House climate summit on April 23, agriculture groups are asking President Joe Biden’s administration for clarity when it comes to his goal to conserve 30% of US lands and waters by 2030. The groups say some claims that Biden’s plan would drastically restrict beef consumption are not true.

“At this time, President Biden has not called for any reduction of beef production or consumption related to 30x30 or the climate plan the White House released last week,” the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association said. “We are in regular communication with USDA and the Department of the Interior to emphasize the importance of the high-quality protein beef provides in the American diet, as well as producers’ long history of environmental stewardship.”

The NCBA did go on to say that Biden’s 30x30 plan cannot undermine the success of cattle producers’ voluntary conservation effort or be used as a federal land grab.

“This ‘30x30’ goal has received a great deal of attention in farming and ranching communities across the country,” said Zippy Duvall, president of American Farm Bureau Federation in a letter. “America’s agriculturalists are asking whether their good work will be recognized by the administration. They have voluntarily enrolled more than 140 million acres of private land into federal and non-federal conservation programs – a landmass larger than the size of New York and California combined.”

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack responded to the claims regarding Biden’s 30x30 goal and said it was not a land grab and there was no intention to take something away from people. Vilsack said the USDA is looking for input from commodity groups and others on how best to meet the goal laid out from the January executive order.