FREDERICKSBURG, PA. – Bell & Evans has launched two premium, pre-seasoned fresh ground chicken products. Tacos de México and Herbs D’Italia. Both are ready-to-cook, pre-seasoned products made from 100% dark meat. 

Tacos de México is seasoned with chili pepper, cumin, black pepper and oregano, for tacos, chili, dip, and other dishes. Herbs D’Italia includes spices like garlic, basil, thyme and oregano, and is also designed for a myriad of dishes.  

In the six months from concept to launch, Bell & Evans tested 20 spice variations within six flavor profiles to narrow down the two winning custom spice blends in this line extension. Additionally, ground white and dark meat chicken combinations were tested, and 100% dark meat delivered the richest flavor for the base of the new seasoned items. 

With this launch, Bell & Evans introduced a new, smaller vacuum-sealed tray for its entire ground chicken line. The smaller tray contains 1 lb of ground chicken, taking up 35% less space in the retail case.  

The trays nest together neatly when stacked and freeze well, offering additional benefits to consumers. The vacuum seal maintains product freshness and helps draw the seasoning through the meat for exceptional flavor. The trays are BPA free and recyclable.